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Bitlocker Drive Encryption Windows


Bitlocker Drive Encryption Windows Need For Privacy or security is always felt, when it comes to windows, some times we wish we can password protect folders, some time we encrypt whole drive, i remember when EFS was launched many people lost their data while not taking backup of certificate.  then …

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Windows 10 Preview

Windows 10 Install

Windows 10 Technical Preview Description: The Video Shows a Preview of Microsoft’s Latest to be launched Operating System, Known as Windows 10 code name¬†Threshold. Visual Enhancements: in First look it seems visual enhancements over Windows 8.1, most of enhancements are targeted at Visual Interface. people seems not to like full …

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Windows 8.1 Join Windows 2012 R2 Domain

join domain windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Join Windows 2012 R2 Domain Joining Windows 2012 R2 Domain is very simple process but if basics are overlooked, things can go wrong. Prerequisites Client system can ping domain server or accessible.Client DNS Address is IP address of server. if above are correct and still unable to join …

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