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Open source Proxy Servers Review and Installations

Proxy Servers Review and Installations


In System Support,  Its difficult to Setup up proxy servers for supporting decent number of users. IPCop is one of reliable Proxy Server.  which Provides Features like URL filtering, VPN and Antivirus Scanning.  And also supports number of Add-ons for additional functionality. The IPCop Firewall is a Linux firewall distribution. It is geared towards home and SOHO users. And IPCop  offers   user-friendly web-interface.

IPCop ‘s Slogan is “The Bad Packets Stop Here!

But in general its a Linux distribution that is easy to install.  Linux distribution which is Wizard Type small Linux distribution.   Total install ISO is Only 62MB approx.  Can be installed on PC.  As per IPCop web site IPCop “Linux is a complete Linux Distribution whose sole purpose is to protect the networks it is installed on. By implementing existing technology, outstanding new technology and secure programming practices IPCop is the Linux Distribution for those wanting to keep their computers/networks safe.”

the distribution can be downloaded from IPCop Download

The issues I faced during its Usage in my network is that its not 64-bit Distribution. if you are deploying on Virtual Machines then It might not support some configurations. You may need to use legacy network and non SCSI Disks . It do Supports IDE Disks better.

Hyper-V Virtual Machine Configurations

Even though Different Settings can work this Proposed Configurations. It can support 50-100 Users Easily.  We will also have to use  Generations 1 Type VM, IDE disk and  legacy Network Adapter.  Dynamic Disk can be used. 40GB Disk is more then enough.

Proxy Servers Hyper-V Setting For IPCop

VM-Ware Virtual Machine Configurations

Select Other Linux 32 Bit

Proxy Servers VM1

E1000 Network Cards are Selected

Proxy Servers VM2

Thin Provision With 40 GB Minimum

Proxy Servers VM3


Start The VM and Boot From ISO Image, Chose the Language, Keyboard, Time zone and follow the video.


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