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Bitlocker Drive Encryption Windows

Bitlocker Drive Encryption Windows

Need For Privacy or security is always felt, when it comes to windows, some times we wish we can password protect folders, some time we encrypt whole drive, i remember when EFS was launched many people lost their data while not taking backup of certificate.  then i remember using TrueCrypt which will make a file and mount it as drive, so its sort of password protected folder. but some how its owner decided it was not safe anymore. so the gap was filled by windows bitlocker, we can create a VHD file mount it , turn on bitlocker for it, and it will be password protected, with ability to recover files if password is lost. it can provide you an key in form of file that can be used to recover lost password. its also good idea to backup vhd to Google drive, Dropbox or One drive. Bitlocker is available in windows 7 through Windows 10.

Here is Video for configurations of VHD file with Bitlocker.

Download Video

Auto Mount

VHD file can Be Mounted using Power-shell script File, which can latter be used in batch file , which can be called in computer startup. here is power-shell script to mount VHD

Mount-VHD –Path c: emppersonaldata.vhdx
$p = ConvertTo-SecureString “mypassword%123” -AsPlainText -Force
Unlock-BitLocker -MountPoint “z:” -Password $p

Save this as personaldata.ps1 file, know we need to make batch file here is sample batch file

runas.exe /savecred /user:administrator “powershell c: emppersonaldata.ps1”

we can save this as auto1.bat if we double click this we can mount our drive, and call it in computer startup script we can auto-mount drive when user logins. this can be also deployed as GPO script so that special drives can be mounted for users that are encrypted.

Download bitlocker files.

In windows 10 version version 1511 and above you can chose if disk id moveable

encryption mode

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